Slamcam Films has over thirty years of experience producing and directing video and film content across all media platforms. As a director, Scott Patterson has produced or directed dramatic feature films, short films, television drama, television advertising, branded content and corporate videos.  He has created some of the most iconic advertising campaigns for clients such as the NRL featuring the iconic Tina Turner.  Whilst some projects are straight pieces of communication to camera, others require deep understanding, meticulous production planning, filming, special effects and complex post-production work flows.


Whatever the scale, Slamcam Films has the experience to bring it all together and pour it into projects for any clients that deliver the results.  Scott can handle any project that involves working with Australia's best actors or a footy fan, a CEO or anyone who has never stepped in front of a camera.  He is committed to creating the most effective piece of visual communication that strikes the right chord, hits its target, engages viewers and speaks for itself.